Matteo Peterlini


Backscape is a name derived from the combination of two English words, ‘back’ (behind) and ‘scape’ (from ‘landscape’ – ‘land’ territory, ‘scape’ view). Nine images of a landscape, diverse yet similar in the characterization of the location, are brought into relation at the same moment. The application randomly selects a strip of pixels from one of the nine images and positions it on the stage at the same horizontal position. This method of landscape genesis randomly visualizes the succession of possible solutions that it can assume over time by adding different images, creating both its continuity and showing its discontinuity.a reflection of reality that simultaneously reveals and conceals its presence. In this intricate interplay of unveiling and concealing, not only do traces linger in the memory of the landscape, but its authentic essence comes to light. A transcendence of mere perception, where the landscape allows itself to be penetrated from within, revealing its genuine configuration. This composition, imbued with an inherent visual intentionality, instills a sense of disorientation. It becomes an active participation, an ontological dance between the observer and the landscape unfolding in its truth.

from the series Backscape, 2007

What does Backscape mean?

Backscape is “what resides in front of all points of view” (Husserl)

Armando de Zambotti 

from the catalogue of the exhibition at Galleria Buonanno
Download the catalogue here

Passages - Dialogues with the dark

Backscape is included in the book Passages – Dialogues with the dark
2007, Ed. Mimesis

This book was put together after the Dialogue in the Dark exhibition held at the Mart Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto in 2003.
curated by Massimo Valentinotti, Armando de Zambotti, Walter Bonaventura

text by texts by José Saramago, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Armando de Zambotti, Massimo Donà, Massimo Valentinotti, Walter Bonaventura, Silvano Petrosino, Paolo Ambrosi, Renato Rizzi, Chiara Schiroli, Rino Bonavida, Katia Caravello, Aleksandro Bonelli

artworks included in the book by Francesco Dal Bosco, Matteo Peterlini

Backscape, 2018, installation view
Galleria Civica di Trento
Backscape, 2007, installation view
Casa del Mantegna, Mantova
Backscape, 2007, installation view
Galleria Buonanno

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