Matteo Peterlini


This project wants to pay attention to those public spaces where people meet, socialize and work. The places such as museum and galleries  are mainly open to the public during the day. Hence, this project wants to answer this question: What happen inside these places when they are closed to the public? What do they look like when we cannot walk inside?  The project consists in a video-camera that roams around the empty museum filming its rooms by night. The video should be streamed in internet or projected outside of the Museum. As a meditation on the inaccessibility of museums during the night time, this project aims at showing what happens when the museum is closed to the public. The idea is that the camera should not be used in a forcefully artistic way, but it should rather be left free to record its own memories. The high definition camera is mounted on a robot that roams around the rooms while filming what it sees from its angle: a detail, a painting, dust.

from the project Alone
2012, still image from video installation

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I was looking for a way to reveal the Museum apart from any kind of intentionality in the means that Husserl calls intentionality: the “fundamental property of consciousness”.

from the booklet Alone
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