Matteo Peterlini


The overarching theme of Timecapsule explores the archaeology of the future and emphasizes the idea that concealing something can be an act of resilience in the face of the intimate existence of individuals. This series of works delves into the intricacies of memory, the act of forgetting, and the strength inherent in preserving moments through hidden capsules, creating a tangible bridge between the echoes of the past and the mysteries of the future.

To forget is to remember backwards

from the serie Timecapsule
2023, hole, steel capsule, postcards, print, pen
at Speculative Properties, Adalbertstrasse 8, Berlin

To forget is to remember backwards is part of a series of interventions on memory titled Timecapsule. This project, specific to the site, presents itself as a repository of memory that thrives on the participation of visitors and former occupants.

During the exhibition days, I collected phrases, suggestions, or memories from the tenants and audience. These phrases were printed and inserted into a small steel container resembling a capsule. It was hidden and placed within a wall of the studio.

The aim is to transmit a message to an unexpected future reader, bridging memories between past and future occupants of the space.

Remember that forgetting is the future

from the serie Timecapsule
2022, hole, steel capsule, print message
at Blind Vision, Berlin

Remember that forgetting is the future is also part of the series entitled Timecapsule. This site-specific project presented itself as a personal memory within the exhibition spaces. The message, placed in a metal capsule, was inserted into the wall, and subsequently, the wall was filled in. A print above the filled hole illustrated the installation

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