Matteo Peterlini


With my performance piece Relatiografia, I delve into the intimate nature of interpersonal relationships, focusing on the graphic act of the pencil on paper, dismissing concerns about its formal value. I invite participants to share a single pencil on a sheet, eyes closed. By isolating tactile dynamics from verbal or facial interferences, I underscore how physicality becomes the sole form of communication in the creative process, allowing participants to act intentionally or involuntarily.

The movement of the pencil, guided by the balance between two hands, represents a coordination of muscle contractions and releases, enabling an exploration of the strength of the other’s graphic gesture and connecting it with one’s own. This intricate network of intensity manifests in the simplest form—a line—breathing life into a drawing that narrates the dialogue among participants, irrespective of its traditional formal value.

The work unfolds in the very act, the graphic gesture of the pencil on paper, unconcerned with formalities. The sheet, serving as a canvas, materializes the space between individuals, enabling the performance to probe the boundaries between self and other. The vibrant nature of this interpersonal and creative interaction finds visual and spatial embodiment in the ephemeral result.

2018, at Scarti, Mori
performance, A4 paper, pencils, engraved stamp
Ph: Francesco Pernigo

In this exploration of automatic drawing, the pencil becomes a mystical conduit, guided by forces beyond conscious control. This artistic journey transcends self-imposed boundaries, inviting a communion with the unknown. The paper transforms into a portal, capturing the ethereal whispers of a séance with creativity. It’s a departure from intention, a venture into uncharted realms, where the drawn lines echo the cadence of the unseen, celebrating the liberating dance between the tangible and the mystical.

from the series Relatiografia
2018, Scarti, Mori
performance, A4 paper, pencils

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